Eyesy Font provides you with the best screen appearance. Having a font that has a perfect readability score is all that you need. Eyesy Font not only has good readability, in fact, but it also fulfills the requirement of every font designer so that they can utilize the font as per their need and desires.
You get the best opportunity to optimize the typeface according to your projects. What else one can desire?
It is better to get a detailed idea about font classification, features, and weights before finalizing it. It gives you a clear idea that either to go for this font or not. Eyesy Font comprises various features, elements, weights, and styles that make this typeface a complete package. Frankly, this is what you need to make your project successful.
The Eyesy Font is free for personal use only.

Designed by Ethan Jacob

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Eyesey Regular The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Inside: OTF Size: 7 Kb

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